Year 2 in Review

The second year of the site has gone by quicker than the first.  Probably feels that way because a lot less got done on it than the previous one.

A few articles got published in the “Scandals” section, a few facts, videos, and an interview with Frans Vischer.  A search feature was implemented on Christmas Eve and I’m always working under the hood in one way or another.

Plans are in place for a very content heavy 3rd year, but that must wait several months due to the temporary hiatus (this post discusses this further) I have placed on this project as I work on a college production.

Another item that comes to mind is the number of people who (I asked) donated recyclable bottles/cans to me so I could use the deposit on hosting costs (anything helps because it adds up!).  Thank you to those people.


Definitely not the absolute worst year that could happen to the site!  Just very slow and uneventful.

In conclusion, if you’re reading this, thank you for coming by or possibly even back even though this year was pretty dim for the site, nicer things are right around the corner as we enter into year #3!

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