Year 4

So, year 4 is upon us…

Because of the Coronavirus, I’ve lost my job until further notice. So, I’ve had a lot of time to put into a new design that automatically adjusts to a mobile version (something I haven’t had since the site first launched) recently.

While I now have tons of time for content, I’ve had to postpone one of my favorite articles I was working on (hopefully was going to be/will be a big one). Which sucks. But, I now have no reason not to finish work I’ve been lazy about. This site has always slipped between some where like a side project and a top motivator for me based on what else I’ve been working on/doing.

In review, the most popular article to date is The Dark Ending to The Noid. Coming in hot at number 2 is Rugrats Storyboard Jam.

With these 2 articles, combined with other parts of the site, 2019 (year 3) was the most active in viewership!

Thanks so much if you’ve even glanced at this site at some point.

So fingers crossed for more productivity on here!

Thanks again! 😊👍