Year 3 In Review

I can’t say it’s been a good year for the site. Virtually no new content was released. Easily the weakest one so far.

Due to personal reasons, I was not able to post as much content as I would have liked. I have been very active in the administrative end, as I always am, but it’s the articles, interviews, and information that matter most.

I have made a plan to work more consistently, however. My education may serve as a speed bump in the flow for a couple of months, but I have been actively and will continue the best I can to working on some very interesting stuff that I’m very motivated and looking forward to posting on the site!

I may not have gotten much on the site in the last twelve months, but I feel that this unintentional lull period has allowed me to get a better perspective on the site and myself. So something pretty positive has come out of this.

I want to post a hell of a lot more. Because I’m very interested in seeing what this site will produce in year 4 and years to come!