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Wayback Machine Troubles

We’ve officially been visited by the little spider!

I don’t think they just stumbled on the site, however, I believe I had a hand in bringing them to me when I was on the Wayback Machine a few years ago.  Plus I’ve been aware that they came since the first grab came up in 2017, I just wanted to make a post about it.


Even though there are three shots of the site, there’s major problems with each.  The first one (August 30, 2017) came up with a 403 error (they did this snapshot after I had an accident with directory listing settings).  Then about a year later they came back and got two other grabs, this time missing the images, styling, and all with the majority of links not working.  Possibly problems other places too for all I know!

Looking at their 2018 sitemap for the pages they say they have, they’re still missing quite a few.

Wayback’s 2018 Visual Sitemap

While I’m not big on my mediocre web-development being “immortalized,”  I am a fan of’s work as a whole (LCD Game Emulation for instance).

I have changed the design of the site once already since it first launched in 2016.  So I think they missed getting the first version of the site archived (I have my own backups anyway).  Which I think might be a good thing.

Either way, come back anytime Internet Archive!  I’ll try to help you get the entire site crawled as much as I can!

View the snapshots:*/

Scheduled Hiatus

RevealingCartoons will be on a hiatus for a few months as I work on a college production.

I still might post the odd fact or share a video here and there, but as for the bigger article work, I won’t have the time to complete them as I work on this new project.

I should be starting to update the site again around mid to late June 2018. Some interesting articles are right around the corner!

I’ll keep things up to date here on the blog.

Hope you come back when I am!

The Skinny on the Slow Content

So it’s been a little over 3 months since the site’s launch, and where’s the content?!

Well, I’ve been working on it.  Along with some pretty important work under the hood.  Things that will make it easier to run later as stuff gets added.  (“A stitch in time saves 9”, as the saying goes.)

Like I said in the first post of the blog, content will be slow going at first.  It should start picking up after awhile.

But keep an eye out for a post here and there.

Hope to see you then!

Your Run of the Mill Welcome Entry

Welcome to RevealingCartoons.

This is a site for animation facts, history, information, etc.  Along with collections of “scandals” (a word that I use to describe adult content in otherwise family friendly animated media).  The content is slow going (for now at least) because it’s run as a hobby solely by me.  But you can read more about that on the about page.

This blog is where I’ll share what’s going on with the site, tease some stuff to come, and maybe a story or two now and again.

So, if you’re okay with hearing the words “cartoons” and “animation” ad nauseum…then you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks for checking it out!