Year 4

So, year 4 is upon us…

Because of the Coronavirus, I’ve lost my job until further notice. So, I’ve had a lot of time to put into a new design that automatically adjusts to a mobile version (something I haven’t had since the site first launched) recently.

While I now have tons of time for content, I’ve had to postpone one of my favorite articles I was working on (hopefully was going to be/will be a big one). Which sucks. But, I now have no reason not to finish work I’ve been lazy about. This site has always slipped between some where like a side project and a top motivator for me based on what else I’ve been working on/doing.

In review, the most popular article to date is The Dark Ending to The Noid. Coming in hot at number 2 is Rugrats Storyboard Jam.

With these 2 articles, combined with other parts of the site, 2019 (year 3) was the most active in viewership!

Thanks so much if you’ve even glanced at this site at some point.

So fingers crossed for more productivity on here!

Thanks again! 😊👍

The Ads are Coming!!

As of July 2019, the site has started using Google’s Adsense. I don’t really want to have ads but I have been paying for the majority of everything out of pocket for over 3 years at this point.  I am now in a position where it’s not practical using my own funds completely to keep the site up.

Although I know that this won’t be guaranteed money every month, I have always been in the mindset of “anything helps,” and this will certainly help now and again to keep the site going and maybe I could personally even make a small percentage of it off the top.  That would be pretty cool (even if it was only 2¢ on a good day).

This is all a trial run for now.  Finding a lasting method to help sustain the up-keep of the site and figuring out what works to do this.

We’ll see what happens…

Year 3 In Review

I can’t say it’s been a good year for the site. Virtually no new content was released. Easily the weakest one so far.

Due to personal reasons, I was not able to post as much content as I would have liked. I have been very active in the administrative end, as I always am, but it’s the articles, interviews, and information that matter most.

I have made a plan to work more consistently, however. My education may serve as a speed bump in the flow for a couple of months, but I have been actively and will continue the best I can to working on some very interesting stuff that I’m very motivated and looking forward to posting on the site!

I may not have gotten much on the site in the last twelve months, but I feel that this unintentional lull period has allowed me to get a better perspective on the site and myself. So something pretty positive has come out of this.

I want to post a hell of a lot more. Because I’m very interested in seeing what this site will produce in year 4 and years to come!

Wayback Machine Troubles

We’ve officially been visited by the little spider!

I don’t think they just stumbled on the site, however, I believe I had a hand in bringing them to me when I was on the Wayback Machine a few years ago.  Plus I’ve been aware that they came since the first grab came up in 2017, I just wanted to make a post about it.


Even though there are three shots of the site, there’s major problems with each.  The first one (August 30, 2017) came up with a 403 error (they did this snapshot after I had an accident with directory listing settings).  Then about a year later they came back and got two other grabs, this time missing the images, styling, and all with the majority of links not working.  Possibly problems other places too for all I know!

Looking at their 2018 sitemap for the pages they say they have, they’re still missing quite a few.

Wayback’s 2018 Visual Sitemap

While I’m not big on my mediocre web-development being “immortalized,”  I am a fan of’s work as a whole (LCD Game Emulation for instance).

I have changed the design of the site once already since it first launched in 2016.  So I think they missed getting the first version of the site archived (I have my own backups anyway).  Which I think might be a good thing.

Either way, come back anytime Internet Archive!  I’ll try to help you get the entire site crawled as much as I can!

View the snapshots:*/

Year 2 in Review

The second year of the site has gone by quicker than the first.  Probably feels that way because a lot less got done on it than the previous one.

A few articles got published in the “Scandals” section, a few facts, videos, and an interview with Frans Vischer.  A search feature was implemented on Christmas Eve and I’m always working under the hood in one way or another.

Plans are in place for a very content heavy 3rd year, but that must wait several months due to the temporary hiatus (this post discusses this further) I have placed on this project as I work on a college production.

Another item that comes to mind is the number of people who (I asked) donated recyclable bottles/cans to me so I could use the deposit on hosting costs (anything helps because it adds up!).  Thank you to those people.


Definitely not the absolute worst year that could happen to the site!  Just very slow and uneventful.

In conclusion, if you’re reading this, thank you for coming by or possibly even back even though this year was pretty dim for the site, nicer things are right around the corner as we enter into year #3!

Scheduled Hiatus

RevealingCartoons will be on a hiatus for a few months as I work on a college production.

I still might post the odd fact or share a video here and there, but as for the bigger article work, I won’t have the time to complete them as I work on this new project.

I should be starting to update the site again around mid to late June 2018. Some interesting articles are right around the corner!

I’ll keep things up to date here on the blog.

Hope you come back when I am!

Year 1 in Review

A lot has been done in the first year of the site although it doesn’t look like it.  The highlights were definitely:

In total, there were 4 articles, an interview, and a small handful of facts, scandals, easter eggs, and behind the scenes videos (combined) posted.  It’s a start!

Not much content was uploaded in the first year of the site, but that’s just part of learning curves, delays, and real life.  I’d like to call this a “surveying period,” where I can start to submerge myself slowly and see what is needed where and put things together for the future.  It’s starting to form a shape.

Plenty in the works for an abundant year 2.  Hope to see you there!
Thanks for visiting the site so early on!

The Skinny on the Slow Content

So it’s been a little over 3 months since the site’s launch, and where’s the content?!

Well, I’ve been working on it.  Along with some pretty important work under the hood.  Things that will make it easier to run later as stuff gets added.  (“A stitch in time saves 9”, as the saying goes.)

Like I said in the first post of the blog, content will be slow going at first.  It should start picking up after awhile.

But keep an eye out for a post here and there.

Hope to see you then!

Your Run of the Mill Welcome Entry

Welcome to RevealingCartoons.

This is a site for animation facts, history, information, etc.  Along with collections of “scandals” (a word that I use to describe adult content in otherwise family friendly animated media).  The content is slow going (for now at least) because it’s run as a hobby solely by me.  But you can read more about that on the about page.

This blog is where I’ll share what’s going on with the site, tease some stuff to come, and maybe a story or two now and again.

So, if you’re okay with hearing the words “cartoons” and “animation” ad nauseum…then you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks for checking it out!